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Cars have become pretty reliable these days but, of course, they still need proper maintenance and, occasionally, things do go wrong. Our expectations of them have also advanced with the technological improvements and we don’t expect much to go wrong. And when things do, we want the fastest, most reliable way to bring things back on track. We don’t have time to waste and, most likely, our car is an essential ‘tool for living’ that we really cannot afford to be without.

Unexpected glitches and even scheduled maintenance can present headaches we don’t need, especially when we are called by the auto shop and asked to make decisions about work on a vehicle we enjoy driving but, frankly, have little technical knowledge of what happens under the hood or anywhere else in the vehicle. That’s not to say we should, either. Modern cars are complex, with computer systems specifically designed to reveal little of their developing issues to the casual observer, until and unless things get so bad that a warning light comes on or something breaks.

How to overcome angst and enjoy a healthy, knowledgeable relationship with your car

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So, how do you overcome the angst and enjoy a healthy, knowledgeable relationship with your car and your auto shop? Thankfully, technology has also advanced in that area and you can now enjoy the auto shop experience in a stress-free way.

There’s an app for that

At The Garage, we have invested in technology and training specifically designed to make sure that our customers get the fastest and best quality service, with absolute clarity on the customer’s part, in a way that puts them in control of their choices. Those who’ve tried it, love it!

How to get the fastest and best quality car service, with absolute clarity and remain in control

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Here’s how it works.

1. The customer books their car in for maintenance or a repair.

2. The Garage performs an agreed inspection.

3. Our technicians inspect the car and records observations on a tablet.

4. An inspection report is stored in the cloud , which is immediately available to the service advisor and a link is emailed to customer.

5. The customer reviews their inspection report on their smart phone or computer and calls/emails The Garage to clarify and agree their service and repair options. Any agreed work is carried out.

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What makes this process so good?

For a start, it’s fast and connects our customers directly with our skilled technicians through our digital inspection report. (Try getting that kind of direct relationship at your dealership!) Secondly, the client can see at a glance on their smart phone what is OK on the car, what will need attention some time soon (together with an assessment of when that is likely to be) and what really should be fixed immediately. Simple, intuitive colour-coding makes it easy to establish the priority of any concerns noted by our technicians.

Ronald Tremblay

Ronald Tremblay is the owner of The Garage, a fourth-generation family business in Vancouver, BC, specializing in vehicle maintenance and repair. Clients of The Garage enjoy a high-level of service whereby lifestyle and usage of their vehicles inform the service schedule and they are fully informed about the status of their vehicles. In this way clients can make empowered decisions, control their budget and save real money as the the life of their vehicle is extended long past the manufacturer's warranty expectations.

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