Proper vehicle maintenance can save you thousands of dollars.

Here’s how.

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If you are concerned about the capital cost of your vehicle and want to keep it as long as possible, your best option is proper, planned, regular maintenance from new.

A maintenance plan designed to keep your car reliable and trouble free for 15 – 20 years is very different to a manufacturer’s maintenance plan designed to keep a new car warranty valid to the end of its term.

Following a well-designed plan that also takes into account how you use your vehicle as well as other external factors such as seasonal conditions, versus solving problems as they occur, can be as much as 46% cheaper – and retain a higher resale value for your vehicle.

There are several reasons for this, and many things you would benefit from knowing that will help you have a happy and successful relationship with your vehicle.

Just a few of them are described below. To find out more and get some useful hints and tips on how you can best look after your vehicle, subscribe to our Tech Tips here.

Warning lights are always too late

These days, vehicles have multiple sensors and many computers that govern performance. They give you the impression that all is consistently well for a long time. Unfortunately, parts always wear with usage. The computers continually make adjustments for natural wear and tear. The warning light only comes on when the computers are no longer capable of compensating for the wear and tear. In some cases this may be dangerous or detrimental to the long life of many of the components in your vehicle, but you cannot know for sure until the vehicle is properly inspected.

Your oil may be damaging your engine

Environmental concerns have caused manufacturers to find ways to increase oil change intervals by using thinner synthetic oils, which also allow engines to run more freely and efficiently. However, synthetic oils hold the abrasive sludge that naturally forms suspended in the oil or trapped in the newer, smaller filters, rather that letting it fall to the sump as it used to. These filters can only hold so much of this sludge, the rest remains suspended in the oil and cirulated around the engine, contributing to wear. This effect would be reduced if the oil change intervals were shorter.

Is town driving getting you all frothed up?

Modern engines meet the strictest environmental standards. Unburned fuel gets re-cycled through the engine in an attempt to burn it off so that there are acceptable standards at the tailpipe. Modern fuel contains ethanol, which holds moisture. If the engine is not driven long enough at normal operating temperature, this moisture builds up, becomes hot, turns to steam and forms a froth under the valve cover – and may reduce both power and fuel mileage. Again, more frequent oil changes reduce the impact of this. If left long enough, flushing this out may be required to restore performance.

Here’s how we work at The Garage

We work together in partnership with you and your vehicle provider as appropriate to inspect your vehicle frequently and monitor how things are changing with use.

Before we commence work on your vehicle, we always perform an inspection of the vehicle so we fully understand its condition and can explain it to you – the good, the bad and the ugly!

We thoroughly check for material ware, contamination of fluids and out-of-range sensors that may be affecting fuel economy, power, safety and the smooth running of the system.

We tailor a personalized maintenance schedule for you, that is not only based on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer’s minimum standards, but also on the type of usage, driving style, your budget and many other factors, to optimize both the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

With this approach you:

  • have a vehicle that you can always depend on
  • know the condition of your vehicle
  • significantly reduce the risk of a breakdown
  • extend the life of your vehicle by many years, even decades
  • have the option to buy fewer vehicles in your lifetime
  • reduce waste
  • save thousands of dollars

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They were quick and are always very friendly and knowledgeable. Their preventative maintenance gives me confidence that my car is in top shape to go wherever I want.
Eric and Aline
We are never disappointed by the staff at The Garage. Thank you for always going beyond our expectations.
Bob and Sheryl

Maintaining a happy family fleet

We know how important it is to keep your family’s vehicles running and how inconvenient and costly it can be when they let you down.
We are specialists at getting the best out of vehicles – keeping them in great shape for longer, and helping you keep all your ducks in a row.
Photo courtesy of NRMA New Cars

We work with you to build efficient maintenance routines to optimize reliability, manage repairs and ensure minimum downtime and maximum vehicle usage.
Do you have two vehicles or more in your ‘family fleet’? If so, save yourself time and stress in your life by having us look after all of your vehicles—from the newest to the oldest.
Our long-life maintenance plans for all makes of vehicles can generate some serious savings for you! It’s as easy as booking a vehicle assessment and having a conversation, and then we will develop the best plan for you.
Our quarterly inspections provide valuable information to help you plan vehicle replacement so you can prepare for it well in advance.

Do you have children who have recently started driving? How can you best support them with car maintenance and keep them safe?


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Driving conditions in British Columbia are classified as ‘severe’

Most people living in BC would consider driving conditions to be quite normal but, for their vehicles, conditions are classified as ‘severe’. With its stop-start town driving, hilly landscape and often wet conditions, vehicles have a tough life. Ongoing proper maintenance is the best way to mitigate the effects of these conditions.

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