Glad you asked!

Here's a short video that explains how we work with you

As you can see, we've developed a high-tech system that's designed to best serve your needs, budget and lifestyle.

And there's more!

We can come to you

One of our mobile service advisors comes to you discuss your needs - and then arrange to quote for the work needed, to get your vehicle into our workshop, and arrange a loaner car if needed.

You can spread your costs

We work with you to devise a plan that will spread your maintenance costs over the lifetime of your vehicle. That way, it's cheaper for you, you can budget and remove the stress of unexpected bills.

You're covered throughout North America

As a customer of The Garage, you are covered by our NAPA warranty for all work we do on your vehicle, where ever you travel in North America. So, should anything untoward happen, any NAPA shop will look after you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get working on my vehicle now!

Let's talk about what's best for me!

I'm OK for now, but let's talk soon!

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